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At Trusted Employees, we offer background check packages designed for your industry and company needs. We can help you decide what types of background checks are best for your unique hiring process. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-specific background check packages. She has worked in the background screening industry for over 15 years and holds Advanced Certification in the Fair Credit Reporting Act from the National Association of Professional Background.

What Background Checks Are Needed for the Healthcare Industry Numerous background checks exist to address the specific concerns of healthcare. Identity verification check. An identity check ensures the job applicant did not lie about who they are. It also makes sure that all later background checks look into the right person. Criminal records search. A criminal records search looks into any criminal convictions, such as assault or medical malpractice. It finds any conviction that indicates patients would not be safe with this candidate. Sex offender check.

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Any candidate who will come in contact with children or vulnerable adults should be free of a history of sexual assault or abuse. This background check will identify any registered sex offenders. Employee drug screening.

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In addition, healthcare workers need to have a clear head so that they can make important decisions regarding the welfare of patients. A drug screening can reveal any drug use that would disqualify a job applicant from healthcare. Federal exclusion search. The U.

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This search will identify candidates who would prevent your business from participating in federally-funded programs, such as Medicare. Professional license verification. Many healthcare jobs require a license for legal reasons. A license verification check confirms that the job applicant has the right license. It also identifies any restrictions on their license.

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Education verification. The majority of jobs in the healthcare field require a postsecondary degree or some technical training. Education verification ensures that the job applicant has the specific degree or training they need. Employment verification. Employment verification ensures that potential healthcare workers have the experience you require. It also shows if they were fired from their previous job because of a serious mistake they made. How to Run a Background Check Legally Multiple laws regulate how background checks can be run on job applicants.

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Explain to the job applicant that you will be running a background check on them. List and describe the types of background checks you plan to run. This document should be used exclusively for the background checks you will run.

It must not include anything else the applicant needs to sign. After you have the results of the background check, allow the job applicant to dispute the findings. There may be extenuating circumstances, or the job applicant may want to explain their side of the story. Use only the findings that are relevant to the job when deciding whether to hire.

HireRight is not just a background screening vendor, but a trusted partner. The products offered more than meet our needs and keep us compliant. The most valuable aspect of HireRight is the expertise, consulting, and collaboration they provide. Together, these systems offered the most feature-rich solution that met our needs and gave us the ability to grow and integrate as our needs changed. Empowering employers with innovative solutions for smart hiring decisions View our Partners. Learn More. Go to Resource Library. Contact Us. HireRight Healthcare. Overview Screening Services Screening Packages.

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Healthcare Screening Packages Physician. Home Health Aide. Medical Assistant. Delivering Verifiable Results 1 We understand healthcare screening. HireRight monitors the complex and changing laws and regulations that affect healthcare screening programs and is committed to keeping customers informed through compliance bulletins, alerts, webinars, and an exclusive web portal.