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Boer War Part 3

Search now. Records to Search. Anglo-Boer War Records The register contains , names, including a completely revised casualty list of 59, casualty records between the years of , bringing together information from more than sources. In the absence of a pension record and without a known date of discharge the best place to start a search is in the muster rolls and pay lists. You will need to know either where in the world he served at any point during his service or at least one of the regiments he served with to make a start. Step 3 : Search for a record of discharge see section 7.

There are still, however, records which you can search for. If an individual received an army pension there is a better than average chance that there will be a record for him. These were hospitals set up, in and respectively, to administer army pensions and look after army pensioners. The hospitals in Ireland and England reflected the separate army establishments for the two countries, which did not become joined until the Act of Union in From the late 17th century, soldiers who left the army with a disabling injury, as invalids or after completing an agreed term of service, were entitled to a pension from one of these two army veterans hospitals.

How can I view the records covered in this guide?

In December the payment of Kilmainham out-pensions was taken over by Chelsea Hospital, whilst in-pensioners remained in Kilmainham until , when the last transferred to Chelsea. Some ex-soldiers became residents of these veterans hospitals and were known as in-pensioners. Most, however, were out-pensioners , receiving a pension administered by the hospitals but not actually residing in them. Both in-pensioners and out-pensioners are often referred to simply as pensioners, or sometimes Chelsea pensioners.

To be eligible for admission as an in-pensioner a man had to be a life pensioner of the army that is, in receipt of a service or disability pension , aged 55 or more unless in receipt of a disability pension and free from the responsibility of supporting a wife or children. It is not always possible to find this out other than by looking for a pension record but a useful alternative source is the census.

Censuses from to are available to search and view online. For more details on how to access and search for censuses, see our guide to census records. Many of the most significant series of British Army pension records are now available to view online see section 2. Some records of this type, however, are not available online.

The Anglo Boer War(s) Archives – Registry – Archival Platform

Records of payments made to pensioners living overseas, whether in British colonies or foreign countries, are held in series WO 22 and WO 23, available to search and download on Findmypast. Select WO 22 and WO 23 from the series list and, to narrow your search further, place a country name in the additional keywords field:. Using Findmypast. Use Findmypast.

Though the appearance of individuals on muster rolls and pay lists are not determiners of whether or not they received a pension, they are particularly useful records for men who were not discharged to pension as they provide the enlistment date, movements and discharge date of all soldiers in the British Army. Refer to the British Army muster rolls and pay lists c. For to , browse WO 16 to find the relevant regiment or regimental district.

Trying to trace an individual soldier in this way can be time-consuming, with no guarantee of success.

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The registers are not complete but they are a useful potential source of information. If a soldier died in service the principal personnel records that were retained for soldiers those used for pension purposes are less likely to exist. There are, however, some records that were created as a result of a soldier dying in service:.

Until ordnance troops, which included the Royal Artillery, were the responsibility of the Board of Ordnance, not the War Office. There are therefore some series of records specifically for Royal Artillery personnel.

1. Why use this guide?

Supplementary records of services are preserved for soldiers in the Royal Artillery, to , and the Royal Horse Artillery, to , in WO Artillery pensions were paid by the Ordnance Office until , when the Royal Hospital Chelsea took over. The records are in the following series:. Click on the series references below to search or browse these records by unit.

These records are of soldiers who enlisted in units locally raised in South Africa. When this happened, then pre record of service including Boer War is more likely to be among First World War service records. You can search and download campaign medal rolls WO at Ancestry.

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Except for the Guards regiments and the Household Cavalry, regimental museums do not hold records of service of their men and officers, although they often hold other records which can be useful to people researching their military ancestors. Records of the Guards regiments Coldstream, Grenadier, Irish, Scots and Welsh Guards are accessible by writing to the regimental headquarters of each regiment. Some of these records were destroyed by enemy bombing whilst stored in the Guards chapel during the Second World War.

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Microfilm copies of WO see section 2. Those from to are available on Ancestry. For quick pointers Tuesday to Saturday to Discovery is a catalogue of archival records across the UK and beyond, from which you can search 32 million records. Patented textile pattern by Christopher Dresser. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3. Skip to Main Content.

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