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Essentially being born in one of the states of the US, as Hawaii had been for two years, makes you eligible to be President once you are 35 and have lived in the country for 14 consecutive years. A few birthers have attempted to cite the midth century treatise Le droit des gens [note 3] by Emerich de Vattel.

Barack Obama citizenship conspiracy theories - Wikipedia

Exactly how this reconciles with the USA's rather straightforward jus soli policy as stated in the 14th amendment is something of a mystery, especially given that if Law of Nations was truly the law of the land, it would be regularly cited in court cases; considering Vattel was a proponent of "natural law" and the founders worked from English common law, this is a pretty big gap.

The more legal-minded birthers, on occasions, fall back on the Naturalization Act of in their argument of what constitutes a natural born citizen. In particular, the clause:. Obama traveled to Pakistan, back in , to visit family.

Obama produces Hawaiian birth certificate

The Birthers insist that travel to Pakistan in was not possible using a US passport and therefore Obama must have been traveling using another passport — presumably from a country with strong Muslim ties. Of course this is rubbish; there were no restrictions in force at the time. Another attempt at denial of Obama's citizenship attempts to make the claim that Obama is not eligible because Obama's stepfather Lolo Soetoro had enrolled young Obama as "Barry Soetoro" in the Indonesian school system, listing him as an Indonesian citizen, and because his mother renounced U.

Aside from there being no proof of Ms.

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Dunham renouncing her citizenship, the young Obama would not have been affected even if she had. Furthermore, Mr. Soetoro's incorrectly listing his stepson's citizenship as Indonesian on some school forms would obviously have no effect on the latter's actual U. In supporting case law, Perkins v. Elg , U.

Trump on Birtherism: Wrong, and Wrong

There is a spreading of the idea that Obama has attended Columbia University as a foreign student in However, several sources, including Snopes , state the "proof" involves a card layout that did not exist in , and in fact has been manipulated from an I. A scan of Lugert's I. The card with Obama has several tell-tale signs of forgery, such as bad quality, the fact that the cross on the crown in the background has been slightly mutilated, and the text "Foreign Student" does not align properly with the purple band.

Mentioned less frequently is a "controversy" regarding Obama's Social Security Number SSN , notably that his SSN indicates that it was issued to someone born in Connecticut, not Hawaii — ergo, it must be stolen and Obama must be an alien imposter! Here there is a kernel of truth that has been blown out of proportion.

SSN's issued between and were indeed linked to geography — specifically, they were linked to the postal ZIP code of the person's mailing address at their time of registration. Obama's does indeed appear to indicate it is linked to Connecticut; however, when Obama registered with Social Security when he was 16 which was normal until the mid-to-late s, when children started being automatically registered right after birth , he was living in Honolulu, which has a ZIP code of — one digit off from Danbury, Connecticut's In all likelihood, it was a simple clerical error.

There are also claims that he is using someone else's SSN; these are usually based on erroneous info from public records databases e. At least a half dozen lawsuits against the President have been tossed out of court, but on 20 January , Orly Taitz and Gary Kreep, two of the birther lawyers most opposed to Obama filed a lawsuit on Inauguration Day. They issued press announcements saying the judge was brave in the face of political heat to accept the case and now birthers would be able to prove their case. Their purported goal in going to court was to defend a couple of military activists encouraged by birthers who refused to ship to the Middle East on the grounds the orders did not come from a legitimate Commander in Chief.

As usual, the birthers made many accusations and offered conspiracy theories hypotheses, but provided no evidence. Taitz and Kreep asked for a court order demanding Kenya produce Obama's birth certificate. The judge reasonably pointed out that even if such a document existed, a subpoena from a US judge would be meaningless in a foreign country.

The judge noted the soldiers had no problem taking orders from Obama until they were ordered to ship out, when suddenly they developed doubts about the authenticity of his birth in Hawaii. When they got their days in court, birthers mostly uttered political rhetoric and after a few days, the judge ran out of patience, saying they'd presented no evidence, merely accusations. The disgusted judge severely criticised their lack of evidence and dismissed the case.

As of January , over two hundred cases regarding Obama's citizenship had been brought to court. In every case, the birthers lost. The birthers made over one hundred appeals, but every appeal was denied. Representative Bill Posey has sponsored a bill, H. In April the Arizona State House passed a bill requiring everyone running for President of the US in the state to prove their eligibility for the office.

The fact that nobody objected to his candidacy would indicate that being born on US possessions or military installations overseas is good enough.

Also, even if the Canal Zone was not a US territory or military base at the time, McCain's parents, both of whom were US citizens, would have conferred their citizenship to McCain regardless, by jus sanguinis "right of blood". George Romney, governor of Michigan and the father of Mitt Romney , ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination in George Romney probably had the most cut-and-dried case against his constitutional eligibility of anyone on this list: he was born in Mexico. His U. The issue was occasionally raised during his campaign, but since he lost the nomination to Richard Nixon , he never had to face a court challenge to his eligibility.

The Republican candidate, Barry Goldwater, was born in in Phoenix, Arizona Territory, which was not a state until Republican President Chester A. Arthur spent his one term presidency dogged by rumors that has was born in Canada. Arthur was born 2 October , in a small town 5 miles outside Fairfield, Vermont. His family moved around a lot and often lied about the year he was born. During the presidential campaign, after Arthur was chosen as James Garfield's running mate, Democrats hired lawyer Arthur Hinman, who set off on a mission to Canada in an attempt to discredit him.

Hinman claimed Arthur was born 47 miles further north, in Dunham, Quebec, and had misappropriated the birth records of a brother who was born in Fairfield and died in infancy. The state of Vermont did not keep birth records before and neither did the town of Fairfield. Add to this the fact that Arthur kept changing the year he was born and it's a better story than the one about Obama. Arthur never publicly commented on the rumors, which was taken by paleo-birthers as a sure sign of his guilt.

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Trump and the Truth: The Interest-Rate Flip-Flop

The president is a secret Muslim. The president why not? Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawai'i State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawai'i State Department of Health verifying Barrack sic Hussein Obama was born in Hawai'i and is a natural-born American citizen.

See the Wikipedia article on natural born citizen of the United States. Long Live Birtherism! Short Form. The first English translation was in , but the phrase "natural-born citizen" didn't appear till the translation, and Benjamin Franklin, at least, read it in the original French. Elg was born in to two Swedish nationals who emigrated the US in , only her father had been naturalized by her birth.

She was taken back to Sweden in by her mother and her father returned in She emigrated to the US in , with a US passport. In she was threatened with deportation as an illegal alien. The court ruled that she was a natural born citizen, despite her parent repatriating when she was a minor, as she has chosen to be a US citizen herself as an adult. Full text. Obama happens to be an Aussie! Categories : Silver-level articles Denialism Conspiracy theories Conservative wingnuttery Libertarian wingnuttery Authoritarian wingnuttery Racism Birtherism Pseudolaw.

I think Obama realized that it was no longer hurting his opponents. Instead, it got Trump tons of airtime to bash Obama. He didn't bow in, good, but more importantly, he made a huge proportion of his opponents for three years walk around with a sign on that said, "We're crazy, like seriously insane. Getting people who wouldn't vote for you anyway to scare moderates into your camp is just good politics. His sane opponents would prefer it if he hadn't given their more ideological but less grounded allies such a convenient rope to hang themselves on for three years.

Napoleon said, "never interrupt your opponent while he's making a mistake. Many of these comments are also sad. The real issue with President Obama is his policies. The issue is not race as some want to pretend. Now if only something could be done about the rest of the cognitive dissonance plaguing the US right now Evidence that supports what is already believed is accepted, that which contradicts it is not.

Makes me think of Poland and it's conspiracy theories as to how the president was murdered. Evidence is completely ignored. Paranoia, gut feelings, and statements based on absolutely nothing are presented as proof that the Ruskis did it, or was it the Germans, maybe Americans. The issue of the birth of Barack Obama is a coded way for people to express their racist feelings toward the president. It is not acceptable for people to say openly that they have problems with him being African-American so they find some other way of saying it.

The blogger is correct in saying that with the matter of his birth put to rest, it won't be long until another way of saying the same thing starts hitting the media. America is still a racist country to at least some degree. Most of the south west became part of America through an illegal and unprovoked war with Mexico. They were obtained through naked aggression and conquest. Best to return them to Mexico and retroactively cancel all the citizenship's of those resident there.

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