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  1. How to track a phone using Android or iOS
  2. How do you track the owner of a phone number?
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  4. GPS Tracking Apps vs GPS Trackers: What You Need to Know

When you choose where, when, and to what extent you should track someone or something, it is important to brush up on current GPS tracking laws, consider the possible consequences, and ask yourself whether you really need to know.

  1. How to Legally Track a Cell Phone.
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GPS apps are designed to provide the benefits of GPS affordably as they utilize a device most people already own: a cell phone. Many users enjoy such benefits as tracking the shared locations of friends and family members, sharing their own locations, and geotagging locations with photos and video in order to connect with other people in the same geographic area.

how to track any android mobile phone privately in real time and live using an app

Users who are looking for more serious GPS tracking find themselves noticing a number of common concerns. Covert tracking is often faulty as most apps are designed to work both ways and require user permissions to function properly. There are other concerns that users often have about GPS tracking apps, namely the question of whether to place the app directly on the phone of the person being tracked or on a burner phone hidden in a vehicle or bag. While one of the plus sides of using a burner phone is that the app is less likely to be interrupted or discovered, the downside is that a phone battery generally lasts for less than a day, making the tracking device largely ineffective for longer applications.

Additionally, most apps have limited features that do not reflect the options available on dedicated tracking devices.

How to track a phone using Android or iOS

At BrickHouse Security, we have considered the value of GPS tracking apps and have chosen to steer away from that market as dedicated GPS trackers have proven to be much more effective, overall. GPS trackers , on the other hand, are specifically designed for the purpose of providing real-time tracking information, and as such, boast a number of exceptional benefits that users cannot find from cell phone-based apps.

These devices have hardware and software optimized for GPS tracking and reporting, making them highly accurate and functional.

Many customers have reported benefits which include:. The assortment of GPS tracking tools available on the market is as varied as the needs users may have for them. Whether you are tracking a vehicle, person, or asset for personal or business reasons, there is a GPS tool for your purpose.

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GPS apps for smartphones are convenient and affordable, and many users are pleased with the social components and their ability to share location details with other users. I'll be adding more people in the near future and hope to provide a better review.

How do you track the owner of a phone number?

What are we in ? Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Choose The Best Cell Phone Tracker

Screenshots iPhone iPad. Aug 31, Version We've fixed some bugs and made some changes based on your feedback! Free upgrades and no monthly fees. Auto Forward Review Great for beginners!

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  • Easy to download and easy to use. Perfect for the novice user. It is one of the most advanced cell phone tracking and monitoring software. Molly Nelson can be miles from her daughter but still know when she has sent or received a text message. We have a story that should raise red flags for all of us who rely on our cell phones.

    GPS Tracking Apps vs GPS Trackers: What You Need to Know

    Spy on a cell phone without having it Spy on text messages without having the phone Get the most out of your spy app. Table of Contents. Share Pin Email Twitter.